Stay in touch while you’re in the air.

Airtext technology lets aircraft owners add reliable on-board text messaging for up to 16 passengers.

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Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends, and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option. Airtext allows 16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere in the world.

  • Connect up to 16 passengers
  • Available for less than $10,000
  • Only 5 cents per message
  • Connect via Bluetooth


Cockpit 1

A small "paperback" sized FAA-approved Airtext box weighing about 1 pound that is installed on the airplane and connects to the existing iridium phone antenna.

Airplane cabin 2

Up to 16 passengers on the aircraft can connect to the Airtext using BLE (bluetooth low energy) on their modern mobile phone.

Application 3

Passengers download the FREE Airtext mobile app and can seemlessly send and receive text messages while on-board. Messages only cost 5 cents.

Airtext hardware

The hardware cost is $9,750 and the installation cost will be determined by the avionics shops. Data plan is $300 per year for Iridium and Airtext network connection including the first 1000 text messages. Additional messages are 5 cents each.

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